Of fluids. Medical treatment a bowel management program is the best first step. This includes a diet high in fiber and 6 to 8 glasses of fluids each day. best generic viagra online Fiber acts like a sponge. viagra daily use cost It soaks up fluid so that less is removed as the stool travels around the colon. The stools will be larger, softer and easier to pass. You may wish to add a fiber supplement and/or a stool softener to this regimen to improve stool consistency. Most fiber supplements are made of psyllium, a seed product, or of a hydrophilic colloid (gel) that absorbs water. Most stool softeners are composed of docusate. This helps to smooth and lubricate the stool. Active laxatives are best avoided in most cases. Avoid prolonged straining. If you cannot completely empty, get up and return later. viagra daily long term side effects Holding pressure with a finger to support the rectocele and encourage the stool to go in the correct direction is often helpful. This may be accomplished by pressing against the lower back wall of the vagina or along the posterior rim of the vagina. viagra coupon Avoid placing a finger inside the anus to pull the stool out as this may cause harm. A pessary may be used to support the pelvic organs. viagra daily use cost It is a ring that is inserted into the vagina and must be individually fit to each woman. Surgical treatment if symptoms persist even with medical therapy, then surgical repair may be indicated. There are several surgical techniques used to repair a rectocele. A rectocele repair may be performed through the anus, through the vagina, through the perineum between the anus and vagina, or from above through the abdomen. viagra cost kaiser When there is extensive pelvic relaxation and prolapse, the best approach may be a combined repair. Who should treat me for this problem? buy viagra cheap Both colorectal surgeons and gynecologists are trained to deal with these problems. buy viagra online If the symptoms are entirely vaginal, then it is appropriate for your gynecologist to address the problem. generic viagra canada If your symptoms are rectal, then a colorectal surgeon should be involved. If there is any question, seek opinions from physicians of both specialties. buy female viagra usa Reference: american society of colon and rectal surgeons nyu langone medical center | nyu school of medicine | research at nyu | administration | nyu hospital for joint diseases |   giving & support © nyu langone medical center | for trustees | ethics | disclaimer | p. viagra daily use cost